A Conscious Development of the Society requires a deep Knowledge about the HumanNature






Ado is the power-oriented "maker", who is completely convinced of himself. Acting pragmatically and recklessly delivers profit. In the family, as a manager or politician, he is "superior", tyrant, despot and dictator. He speaks loudly and tolerates no objection, he determines, assigns and discredits his competitors. Ruthlessly he exploits the weaknesses of others to his own advantage. To this day you find Ado in the vast majority of bosses, chiefs and superiors down to the lowest level in the society:

The Alpha Animal.


Ebe is the friendly, fair, sensitive and ruthless spouse, manager or politician, who is happy to work together with others , generating progress for anyone. Only a few executives today are honored and praised by this type, which highlights the strengths of others. Gorbachev, Rabin, Olof Palme, and Obama might have such Ebe components, developed more intuitively than systematically.



The ETHICAL CONSTITUTION might be applied to any areas of life:

Personal behaviour, economy, State, society, religion, marriage, family, education.  


It is derived from evolutionary mechanisms, from a safe point of reference.

It is independant of culture and religion.

Any human, independant of nation or culture will find the same results,

only using general knowledge of physics and chemistry.  




It represents a value system for any area of life.  

The mind set of an

unconscious organisms:

Subordinate yourself!


The opposite mind set

I subordinate myself


(unable to survive in the nature)



On the left scale pan put the BCB, on the right scale pan the complete opposite.  

Then find the middle of both and call it EBE.

The balance between selfishness and altruism.


The result is a true ETHICAL CONSTITUTION




(Archaical dominant)



(ethical conscious)



Ebe is the personalisation of ethical conscious behaviour, in the middle between selfishness and altruism.

considerate, fair, sensible, honest, confidential. He never uses violence, if he is not forced to do so.


Ado is the personalisation of the extremely old, archaical - primitive impulses of unconcious organisms, that tries to become the strong alpha animal. It lives and reacts according to the mind set:  
„my own advantage at the expense of others“.

Selfishness is successful in an unconscious environment.


Nach oben



The fundamental knowledge for a
conscious development of the personality.   



Unable to survive


The fully altruistic organism puts any own interest behind the interest of others. He never can change the world.  weil er allen anderen den Vortritt lässt. He does not stand against anything.

He never harms anyone,

including ADO.  

Unable to survive in an unconscious environment.


Real humans can be mostly found within the bandwith between ADO and EBE.

In exceptional cases you even can find altruistic persons.

Depending on the situation, humans can commute between different sides.

The faster a reaction should be, the more the reactions becomes an ADO character.

Unable to survive in the nature.





What you could do:


The human society must know about the biological roots of our idiotic human behaviour.


Everybody should know, that idiotic human behaviour

is identical with the behaviour of worms, amoeba, jellyfishes, mice, sharks,

if their behaviour would only be amplified through human intelligence and consciousness.


So, this must be communicated in any form,

to embarras politicians and managers, who behave idiotic.


So:  please talk about this to everybody and send emails to friends.  

Please forward the address of this website.