A Conscious Development of the Society requires a deep Knowledge about the HumanNature









The BCB  (Basic Components of Behaviour) might also be understood as the mind-set  of unconscious organisms


Yourself you are the most important aspect in your life !

Be selfish, take any advantage, no matter on whose expense ,

Try to achieve physical strengh and dominance, they provide your privileges,

Conquer food and territory, defend your own, take,  what is beneficial for you,  

Take everything from others, to your own benefit, no matter on whose expense,

Behave recklessly and with violence, if necessary,

Nobody is allowed to limit your freedom and independance,   

Try to achieve absolute safety for yourself, recklessly,

caution, mistrust and skepticism avoid risks , trust only yourself

Check out unknown areas from a safe position ( curiosity )

Behave unbalanced (unfair), if justice reduces your own benefit,

Replicate yourself, whenever possible, if necessary by force and violence,  

Encourage and use resonance between the sexes,

Take care for and protect your offsprings till their sexual maturity ,

But never take a risc for your own capability of replication,

React opportunistic - pragmatical (here and now),   

Assess what could be beneficial or harmful only from your personal viewpoint,  

Always be sure of your decisions : do not you 're wrong,

Maintain given rankings, as long as they are benficial to you,  
And avoid changes, they could be a risc.

During the evolution those individuals could increase their number,
which could accumulate more advantages for life, survival and replication.  The others became extinct.  

The remaining components of behaviour kept the Balance of Existence > 1.  


Only if human behaviour is recognized by other people as on the same primitive level
like that of grasshoppers, herrings or baboons,
an internal impulse will be originated, not to behave like unconscious animals.  



The BCB describe a kind of ...


Constitution of archaic- unconscious Behaviour


Necessary for the Unconscious Evolution,
but harmful for a true human society - if there is no ethical compensation.  



Our human society has been developed using egocentric organisms (humans).

The society consist of those organisms.

As long as we haven´t developed strong ethical layers on top of the archaical BCB, all the ugly ocurrences like corruption, destructions, terrorism, crime and wars will remain.



Currently we only use laws, morality and appeals against the symptoms of our BCB:

External impulses against our internal impulses.


The concentrical representation  (left) conveys better the origination from the center to the outer components.  



The hierarchical or layered representation (down) might show better the social evolution from lower to higher layers.




The „Basic Components of Behaviour BCB“
also represent the selection criteria of
Charles Darwins Evolution.  

They represent the „human nature“ as well.


What you could do:


The human society must know about the roots of our idiotic human behaviour.


Everybody should know, that idiotic human behaviour

is identical with the behaviour of worms, amoeba, jellyfishes, mice, sharks,

if their behaviour would be amplified with human intelligence and consciousness.


So, this must be communicated in any form,

to embarras politicians and managers, who behave idiotic.


So:  please talk about this to everybody and send emails to friends.  

Please forward the address of this website.