A Conscious Development of the Society requires a deep Knowledge about the HumanNature



Menschen sind: klug, primitiv, egoistisch, gierig, intelligent, unbewusst, gleichgültig, rücksichtslos, hilfsbereit, archaisch, natürlich, dumm


The Fundamentals of Gentical Basic Behaviour

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The genetical Basis Components of Behaviour BCB is nearly unknown.  Here you find a logical approach how the deepest driving forces of humans (living entities) can be derived. These BCB dominante everything in our life completely unconsciously.

Cause and roots of any ugly occurrence in the society of today.


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Using a simple, completely logical approach based on well known mechanisms of the evolution, the booklet shows, how to derive the Basic Components of Behaviour BCB.  The BCB represent th deepest core of behaviour of any organism on earth, therefore also that of a human. The process doesn´t require the existence of primates, hominids or humans. .


The BCB is the core of our internal human „software“.


Philosophers, Psychologists and behaviour scientists are using, since ever, empirical (experiential) methods to find general statements about the human behaviour.

The old new approach of this book uses a so called „balance of existence“, which is a ratio of aspects, that increase the likelyhood of the existence of individuals of a certain living form (nominator) and aspects, reducing their death likelyhood (denominator). The balance must be >1.


Gathering any behavioural aspect, after sorting and categorisation, you find the BCB, particularly the most important five. Easy understandable and analytically very clear.

You understand immediately the BCB as Charles Darwins selection criteria „survival of the fittest“ and the interpretation of the BCB as the „Humans Nature“.

And you may understand the BCB as the mind set of unconscious organisms.

Unbelievable? But true.  


The booklet explains the fundamentals of the development of the brain from the very beginning, the original role during the unconscious evolution, the generator for the will and the role of our internal „feeling“, may be better to say: emotions.

Unconscious conditioning and the need for an ethical conditioning and how to reach this objective are also explained.


And finally, you understand why faith and religion are an unavoidable consequence of the BCB, when consciousness reaches a certain level.




To understand the BCB is like a treasure chest,

to which you found  at long last the key.



Eine verlässliche, evolutionsbiologische Argumentation zum
„genetisch verankerten Grundverhalten aller Lebewesen, zur „Kern- Software“ des Menschen.



Theorie menschlichen Verhaltens

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Die Fehlentwicklungen unserer Gesellschaft als Konsequenz nicht verstandenen menschlichen Grundverhaltens

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Ado: archaische Grundantriebe im Menschen


Das kompakte Grundlagenbuch

ISBN 978-3-98 13086-3-1


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This is the compact version of the fundamental book „Menschen sind klug, ..., dumm“.  It explains on only 55 pages facts and findings while it  relinquishes detailed explanations of the theory.  

It is easy to read for those, who want to know about the subject and what can be done with the results. For the personal development and the human society it is for sure highly interesting and important.


Don´t forget: Our egocentricity converts the BCB to the source and roots of any ugly sides of the human society, like exploitation, destruction, terror and wars.  

Once understood, you know how to overcome this human problem since ever.  


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What you could do:


The human society must know about the roots of our idiotic human behaviour.


Everybody should know, that idiotic human behaviour

is identical with the behaviour of worms, amoeba, jellyfishes, mice, sharks,

if their behaviour would be amplified with human intelligence and consciousness.


So, this must be communicated in any form,

to embarras politicians and managers, who behave idiotic.


So:  please talk about this to everybody and send emails to friends.  

Please forward the address of this website.