A Conscious Development of the Society requires a deep Knowledge about the HumanNature




Our fundamental behavioural impulses  contains also our aversion  against  „understanding“

Our unconscious basic behaviour contains, one of several facettes, a natural liking for a „here and now“- thinking  and decisions, equivalent with a natural aversion of anything, that smells like „theory“ or „deep understanding“. There is no unconscious genetic impulse for „understanding our own human nature, using intelligence, rationality and analytical desire“.   

Unfortunately the solution of our problems begins with „ understanding“

We should urgently understand, that our fundamental behavioural impulses are the same and most „primitive“ facettes of the behaviour of worms, crocodiles, amoeba, mice or birds. We should urgently understand, that our intelligence and consciousness serves as amplifier and slave of these primitive impulses. Although it looks like cultivation, our  general behaviour in many, many cases is worse than that of unconscious animals.  

Our so called spirit and consciousness generates rampant profit greed, power greed, oppression, conquest greed, sexism, pornography, rape and child abuse, superficiality, environmental degradation, exploitation and cultural flattening based on our basic behavioural impulses - instead of ethical behaviour.

This must be understood as a disgrace.

What exactly is our fundamental basic behaviour?  

There are 5 basic impulses, that initiate the different aspects of the daily life of each organism, originated as „primitives“ at the very beginning of the evolution on earth, 4 billion years ago.

These 5 fundamental impulses are:

Striving for replication, egocentricity, striving for strength, safety and conquest.

(There are some more, which depend on these 5.: The  outer ring in the picture)

Our human consciousness recognizes the daily symptoms of that fundamental basic behaviour, but the only way, humans have developed against it, are morality, laws, appeals, using bad experiences. We try to develop a better world using empirical attempts. By far too weak, compared to our fundamental basic behaviour.  

The only way is the knowledge about our own fundamental structure of behaviour. Philosophers call it since ever as the „human nature“, not being able, to describe it in detail and not knowing, where it comes from and why it exists.


The following picture shows the Basic Components  of the human Behaviour: die BCB:

How can the basic components of behaviour be found?

There is a relatively simple approach, that asks for those components of behaviour, which optimizes the „Balance of Existence“ of each individual organism, over many generations. The Balance of Existence must be >1 over many generations till today, over all steps of the organisms development. Using this approach, you can derive the basic components of behaviour, the fundamental impulses.

Are there scientist, who work on that theory?   

Currently no scientist could be found worldwide, who ever investigated the development of behaviour from the very beginning of the evolution. Scientist work empirically on questions of behaviour, using existent organisms.  
This given approach is an analytical one, that doesn´t require existent organisms.

Although a huge number of scientists wrote publications on the evolution of the „hardware“ of organisms, no publication could be found on the evolution of the „software“ of organisms, both beginning at the earliest phase of the evolution on earth. But hardware and software belong together, simultaneously.

Even famous scientists seem to ignore the results of this relatively simple approach.


A pickup car full of champagne
if you can disprove the theory and the results of the basic components of behaviour.

Laws and appeals only fight against symptoms, not against the internal impulses of humans.  

A fully conscious ongoing development of an ethical personality is required ,

that works as an internal impulse!

And what should happen, to eliminate the evil in the worldwide human society?    

What sounds like a silly change for the better is strictly logical - but difficult anyway:  

  • Genetical anchored components of behaviour can be compensated through certain ethical learning content, stored in higher layers of the human brain. Only in the brain of humans.  
    It must be the objective, to achieve that.
  • Therefore such ethical learning content must be defined and widely communicated. A potential way of defining ethical learning content (ethical values) is given in several books.  
  • Such ethical learning content must be understood, practised and communicated by parents and nursery nurses. The public media should support such communication. All learning phases of children must be supported adequately.
  • Only those people should take over political responsibility, who know about the basic human behaviour sufficiently. They must be able to handle any ethical rules in the human society.

The fundamental human behaviour is nearly unkown

Although everybody knows and complains about humans striving for power and dominance, for his distrust, enviousness, violence, bestiality, hatred, prejudices, indifference, defamation, demagoguery, ruthlessness, corruption, egocentric profiteering, exploitation, religious fundamentalism, crime, environmental degradation, terrorism, war, injustice, self-righteousness, greed, rape, oppression, bullying, arrogance, child abuse, selfishness, prostitution, lying, cheating, financial fraud, oviously nobody knows their deepest sources and roots.  
These are negative symptoms  of our genetically anchored, fundamental  behavioural impulses.

Our fundamental behavioural impulses are the roots of all evil

Although the evolution of any organism requires this fundamental behavioural impulses -we wouldn´t exist without that. any ugly aspect in our human society is originated by this basic behaviour, till today. It seems to be completely unkown, that any evil in our human society is fueled from here.

The most problematical impulse of this behaviour is our egocentricity.  

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A better human society requires deep knowledge
of our basic behavioural structure



Human Nature


The outer ring contains components of basic behaviour, which  „depend“ on the fundamental components of the inner circle.

The detailed process of deriving these components from well known mechanisms of the evolution is given in the books.


Meaning of the INNER DISC:

Try to replicate yourself, as often as possible

Try to be stronger as your competitors

Try to take any advantage only for yourself

Try to conquer food and territories

Try not to become yourself as food for others


The patterns of behaviour of the enormous number of organisms living in the sheer number of living niches are all based on the basic components of behaviour BCB


The inner circle describes the unconscious mind-set of all organisms -

- including humans.  


What you could do:


The human society must know about the roots of our idiotic human behaviour.


Everybody should know, that idiotic human behaviour

is identical with the behaviour of worms, amoeba, jellyfishes, mice, sharks,

if their behaviour would be amplified with human intelligence and consciousness.


So, this must be communicated in any form,

to embarras politicians and managers, who behave idiotic.


So: talk about this to everybody and send emails to friends.  

Please forward the address of this website.