A Conscious Development of the Society requires a deep Knowledge about the HumanNature



Lernfähigkeit, Sozialkompetenz, Intelligenz



(application of „Menschen sind klug, ..., dumm“ to the development of personality

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God (book)

The application of the deepest investigation of humans behaviour on the development of the ethical personality seems to be the most obvious and most important consequency:  

Cause any content in the brain, genetical or learned individually, beginning with birth, define the conditioning, the total behaviour and personality of a human.  

Children are borne as „machos“ geboren - nevertheless they are so sweet. But if you stimulate and amplify beginning with birth mainly those unconscious archaical impulses of the BCB, you create a reckleness, selfish, sex-oriented and corrupt macho. Such guys in a politcal or industrial management role  take care for their own benefit, not for the benefit of the society.

As a voter they are unable to distinguis between a selfish macho and an ethical oriented candidate. The latter seems to be weak in the eyes of a macho.  

And by far the most parents do not know their own contribution for the personality development of their children.   


Other parents discipline their children dominantly, weakening the self-confidence of their offsprings.

Mental impairments might happen.

In extreme cases vandalism, crime, mobbing, terror, low resistence against sects, amok and also suicide might be a consequence.



The book shows the biological background for humans behaviour and the mostly unused way to develop the learning capability, openness, intelligence and mainly ethical behaviour, in total the personality.

It also shows a pretty simple process to derive a neutral Ethical  Constitution, independant of any culture and religion.  The process uses the balance of the archaical egocentricity and its opposite, the pure altruism.

The result is applied to the BCB.


So kann eine integere, ethisch orientierte, selbstbewusste Persönlichkeit entstehen.  


It is also very important in this context to understand the different learning phases beginning with birth.

The coining phase, may be the first 1-2 % of life, might be the most important learning phasis.  


This phasis covers also the major networking process in the brain between the sheer muber of neurons, the requirement for the development of intelligence and capability of combination.  




Therefore it is most important, far more than understood today,
to improve the early education of children
by an early education of their parents,
far before they become parents.  


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What you could do:


The human society must know about the roots of our idiotic human behaviour.


Everybody should know, that idiotic human behaviour

is identical with the behaviour of worms, amoeba, jellyfishes, mice, sharks,

if their behaviour would be amplified with human intelligence and consciousness.


So, this must be communicated in any form,

to embarras politicians and managers, who behave idiotic.


So:  please talk about this to everybody and send emails to friends.  

Please forward the address of this website.